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  • Weddings / Elopements    
  • Elopement + Micro Wedding Hybrid
  • Vow Renewal   
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Weddings / Elopements    

Weddings / Elopements

Custom Personalized Ceremonies

LGBTQ+ Inclusive

A personally customized ceremony created just for you, celebrating you, and your love.  It is a ceremony that your friends and family will be talking about for years. You will have the flexibility to incorporate or not incorporate family rituals and traditions from both sides as well as create your own.    Let’s chat about how we can make your special day a dream come true.

Elopement + Micro Wedding Hybrid


+ Micro Wedding Hybrid

Intimate and Flexible Ceremonies

LGBTQ+ Inclusive

There are many reasons couples / marriers choose to elope or have a more intimate ceremony.  An elopement affords you the flexibility to have your ceremony almost anywhere you can dream up.  With a micro wedding, its small size and lower cost will allow the couple to spend more on the things that matter most to them.

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Vow Renewal   

Vow Renewal

It worked so well the first time, why not do it over again!

These lovely ceremonies are for any lovebirds that want to re-commit and reaffirm to themselves or remind eachother of the initial promise that they made to one another. These are typically for those that are already married for 1 or more years.

Baby Naming    

Baby Naming

Celebrate the Arrival of a New Family Member

Baby Namings are akin to the religious rite of baptism, except for those who are non-religious or prefer a more secular approach to this special occasion.  These are joyous secular celebrations to recognize a new life. The focus is on celebrating the arrival of a new family member and all this child will bring to everyone he or she touches.

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Marriage License Signings      

Marriage License Signings

Intimate and Just as Memorable

Couples often choose this for the following reasons:

  • You can’t coordinate a time with the county courthouse.
  • You prefer something more personal than the county courthouse.
  • You are having a destination wedding and want to be legally married in this country first.
  • You are having a ‘secret ceremony’.
  • You are having a friend officiate your wedding and you are concerned about the legalities.

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Celebrations of Life     

Celebrations Of Life

Let Us Help Celebrate a Life Well Lived!

End of Life Celebrations do not need to be a religious affair. Our Celebrations are meaningfully crafted to recognize the life of your loved one. Based on interviews with family and friends we painstakingly prepare an authentic highly personal memorial celebrating a life well-lived.

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Transgender Naming    

Transgender Naming

Celebrate YOU, Free Of Charge!

These happy ceremonies celebrate YOU, as a transgender person. Letting go and honoring your given name while embracing and giving birth to your new name and all that it brings to you. Your friends and family will help make this an unforgettable moment, whether you’re young or mature. These ceremonies are free of charge and a way for us to support the LGBTQ+ community.  Please call us and we can chat.

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1 NEW Services Added

Mobile Notary Public

Mobile Notary Public

We have a Mobile Notary Public on Staff that can help you with all of your Notarial Needs.

We are able to Notarize for your:

  • Estate Documents including Wills and Trusts
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Real Estate Documents

Contact me for Pet Ceremonies or for a ceremony not listed above.

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"Allen helped us with our small backyard wedding during the pandemic and made it a memorable and special event. My wife and I are both from immigrant families and Allen helped us integrate our cultural traditions into the ceremony

beautifully. Definitely your go-to officiant if you're tying the knot in SoCal!

Vera & Harry Zhang